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Hooked In Motion has integrated with leading barcode scanning software to create the ultimate music lovers application: iCollect Music.

Works with all iPhones, iPods, and iPads, with or without a camera.

Catalog every CD, record, or tape you own. Search right on your iPod/iPhone by category, catalog number, type, gainer, and more to find the exact music you want to listen to at any time, without needing to sift through your physical collection or browse on a computer.

Here is a quick rundown of what iCollect Music can do:

- Scan in your music via UPC using the built-in camera (iPhone 3GS and 4 only).
- Manually type in the UPC.
- Manual entry with no barcode.
- Spider Google and our own servers for a cover and information about an item.
- If no information is present, take your own picture and type in the details and add it to our server for others to use.
- Use a picture from anywhere on the web for your covers.
- Use a picture from your Photo Library.
- Add it to your library. Sort by genre, format, or customize your filter bar right from the main screen.
- Tab badges allow you to quickly see how many music sets you own.
- Sift quickly through your catalog using the index.
- CoverFlow (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod 4th Generation only)
- Library view.
- Backup/Restore
- Shake for random music.
- Sort without The and A option.
- Loan your music items out and keep track of who has what using your contacts list or custom entry.
- See music youve never listened to using the "Last Played" feature.
- Entry for purchased value and date.
- Options for Country, Catalog Number, Critic Rating, Producer, Packaging, and more!
- Customize which information is displayed in your music cells.
- Add music to a wishlist if you know you want to buy it in the future.
- Email out your wishlists to family and friends for holidays and birthdays.
- Already ordered a music item but dont have it yet? Add it as a preorder. Add the release date as well.
- Incredible search capabilities. Browse through your library in a whole new way. Want to see all music you have by Oasis? Easy. Want to see all of your music from Sony Music only? Easy.
- Video tutorial for help.
- A LOT more!

We look forward to your feedback.